What restaurant would you recommend for a business lunch or dinner in summer?

Summer arrived. At this time, entrepreneurs have a tendency to travel a lot to talk about business and make agreements to grow their respective companies.

The choice of place is very important. The normal thing is to plan a business dinner, so the choice of the restaurant should be successful since the place we choose will tell a lot of us as businessmen.

If I had to recommend a place, without doubt the best is to eat in Seville to do business. The Andalusian capital has a large number of restaurants designed exclusively for business dinners, but it’s the best.

This does not mean that food is the key to the deal. The real importance of this is the sensations that the place can generate. If we are in a heavy environment it is very likely that the partner or client will become defensive, making negotiation more difficult. In Seville we have first class restaurants in which a business dinner would be a success. It name is Casa Carmen Restaurants.

In these establishments you will enjoy a unique atmosphere in which anyone would feel at ease to close an agreement.